About Marie

Truth, intuition, compassion, organization and discipline are all elements that support Marie Atake as Founder of Forte Animal Rescue and as a Commissioner (2005-2007) on the Board of Los Angeles Animal Services Commission, both pro-bono positions where Marie has devoted tremendous time and energy. In September 2008, the City Council appointed her to the city's new Spay/Neuter Ordinance Advisory Committee.

Marie's inspiration and compassion for the animals is not only born out of her natural love for animals as a child, but even stronger today as she honors her own animal companions for their being as well as their important part of her own personal growth.

With a background in business development, communications and marketing for companies doing business internationally, Marie brings with her a good understanding of living in a fast paced world combined with sharing our life with our canine companions. Read Marie's inspirational story about her late canine companion, Forte who shifted the direction of her life path.